Bandwidth Calculator

Having trouble figuring out the right internet speed for your office? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! With our easy-to-use internet bandwidth calculator, estimating your office’s internet bandwidth need is a cinch!

Tell us how many internet users are in your office, how heavy their utilization is and your reliability requirements and we’ll recommend the internet speed and connection-types that fit you best.

#1. Type of Internet Usage

What best describes your company's internet usage?


Basic E-Mail and Web Browsing


Some File Downloads, Streaming Music, Streaming Video, Cloud based resources; VOIP


Large File Downloads (high volume), Interactive Web Conferencing (video, desktop replication)

Power User / Heavy

High Bandwidth Demand; Intense Internet-based Application Use; Multiple Devices Per User

#2. How reliable to do you need your connection to be?


99.9% or worse (8.77 hours or more downtime per year)


99.99% or better (50 minutes or less downtime per year)

#3. Number of Internet Users

Got your answer? Here’s what’s next…

You’re one step closer to getting faster and more reliable internet for your business – and saving a ton a money at the same time!  Jot down the calculated information, and getting better internet is easy:

  1. Create your account.
  2. Register your Bandwidth request.
  3. Review your bids.
  4. Select your new internet provider.