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Network Infrastructure and Internet Quality

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The Cost of Internet Infrastructure

Last week we asked, “Why is business quality internet so much more expensive than home internet?” In part 2 of this topic, we continue to explain factors that affect the overall price of three major types of internet access: residential, small business and dedicated access (DIA).

• Residential (pricing between $10 and $100 per month) – Commonly referred to as cable internet or DSL, these services are primarily offered by the local cable or phone company. The service is considered shared and ‘best-effort’ in terms of speed and reliability.

• Small Business (pricing between $50 and $400 per month) – Also commonly referred to as cable internet or DSL and offered by the local cable or phone company, these services are essentially the same as residential. The largest difference comes in the fact that it’s a step above ‘best-effort’ speed and reliability and includes services like a static IP, service level agreement and less oversubscribed nature of its availability. We’ll discuss these in more detail below.

• Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) (pricing at $400 and above; most often in the thousands of dollars per month) – One of the purest forms of internet access, DIA is a direct connection to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you purchase from. Your internet access is not oversubscribed like Residential or Small Business services and comes with a 99.99%+ reliability and a suite of sophisticated features to improve business efficiency.

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