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It's no secret, ISPs are bad at customer service.


“My Internet Service Provider has the best customer service!”, exclaimed no one… ever.

If you were to pick 10 of your friends, colleagues or family members and ask them if they like their Internet Service Provider (ISP), how many would say “yes”? According to the 2014 Net Promoter Benchmarks, the answer is, “Not many”.

For those that aren’t familiar, Net Promoter scoring is based on the idea that a company’s customers are divided into three major categories: Promoters, Passives and Detractors. When asked how likely a customer is to recommend that company’s services on a scale of 1-10, Promoters are those scoring 9 or 10, Passives are those scoring 7 or 8 and Detractors are those scoring 6 or below. A company’s Net Promoter score is calculated by the percentage of customers who are Promoters, subtracted by the percentage that are detractors.The system is a great way to identify bad internet service providers based on consumer sentiment.

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