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Chasing Elusive Dark Fiber


During the dotcom boom, service providers were laying down cable at an incredible rate. But once the bubble burst, over 60 internet companies went bankrupt, and millions of miles of fiber infrastructure went dark. Other companies purchased these lines, but continued to build new cable lines, rather than reusing existing infrastructure (dark fiber). No one really knows how many miles of dark fiber networks there are, but some people believe it could significantly improve speeds for many internet users if these lines were operational. The problem is it’s expensive to do the work to make these networks functional, and not all dark fiber is practical for residential use.

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Boost Your Bandwidth: Bringing Your Community College Up To Speed


How much is enough? Determining the right amount of bandwidth for community colleges has become a top problem for IT administrators. The prevalence of mobile devices on campus, coupled with integration of technology in the classroom has lecreated a huge drain on campus bandwidth.

A 2013 Educause Center for Applied Research study on the Bring-Your-Own-Device trend estimates that students bring three to four internet-capable devices to campus—and at Bandwidth Pool we only expect this number to increase.

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IEDA Approves Financial Assistance for Blackhawk Engineering and start-up Bandwidth Pool

Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA)

May 17, 2013 (DES MOINES, IA) - The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) board today awarded direct financial assistance and tax benefits for an expansion and small business development project. Today's awards will result in almost $3.5 million in new capital investment for the state.

“Today’s awards demonstrate the importance of focusing on our strengths and fostering existing industry growth in Iowa,” said IEDA Director Debi Durham. “We are committed to providing companies that have chosen to do business in Iowa, the opportunity and resources to expand here.”

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The Bandwidth Pool Story


My name is Ben Anderson, and I am the CEO & Founder of Bandwidth Pool.

Since Bandwidth Pool hit the ground, a lot of people have been asking “Why?” “How?” “How did you come up with this whole idea?” Because after all, Bandwidth Pool does something no one else does. Bandwidth Pool revolutionizes Internet service buying through a unique, two-tier system that includes user feedback and reverse-style bidding. Bandwidth Pool brings power to consumers for the first time, and it does so in a radically new way. The idea had to come from somewhere.

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Your Business Pays Too Much for Internet Access

Bandwidth Pool - Your Business Pays Too Much for Internet Service

Businesses now have a smarter way to purchase Internet access thanks to Bandwidth Pool, an innovative new company and website publicly launching today.

Businesses spending more than $500 per month on Internet services could save up to 20 percent on their monthly bill by using Bandwidth Pool. The site works by creating a reverse auction-style environment, similar to eBay, where Internet providers bid for the chance to provide Internet access to the buyer’s business. “Engaging Internet providers in a bidding environment is great for the buyer,” says Bandwidth Pool founder Ben Anderson. “An increased number of Internet providers competing in the auction means better pricing for the buyer.”

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